Product Innovations3E Company, a leading provider of EH&S compliance and information management services, today announced the availability of Ariel Data Manager® (ADM)-MM, a powerful new product compliance content solution that helps material managers optimize SAP® Material Master (MM) as a central source for storing and retrieving material-specific data in SAP. The new solution enables SAP MM users to streamline business processes and reduce costs by collecting, managing, and integrating critical regulatory product compliance documents directly into their SAP systems.

Productive business and regulatory compliance management demands frequent, rapid, direct, and easy access to product information from raw material suppliers. ADM-MM promotes both efficiency and compliance by providing a powerful solution for integrating valuable content in SAP MM.

ADM-MM’s sophisticated content management features enable users to import robust document sets, including Safety Data Sheets (SDS), compliance declarations, technical data sheets, and material declarations, directly into SAP MM for association with purchase requisitions, bills of materials (BOMs), and finished goods. The feature streamlines the uploading and updating of compliance documents into SAP MM, saving valuable time and increasing efficiency and consistency across the entire organization.

“3E has a proven track record of providing industry-leading, knowledge-based content solutions designed specifically for integration with specialized SAP modules. ADM-EHSAP facilitates the management of substance-level regulatory content in SAP Environment Health and Safety Management (EHSM). ADM-VMSDS brings supplier SDS documents and critical data points to SAP EHSM. And now we’re meeting the demand for product compliance data in SAP Material Master with ADM-MM,” said Julia Tsvetkova, director, Product Management, 3E Company. “Today’s supply chain and material managers face increasingly difficult product compliance challenges that demand powerful and specialized content management capabilities such as those featured in ADM-MM.”
When combined with 3E’s custom obtainment and SDS management services, ADM-MM also promotes enhanced:
• supplier communications and data extraction. 3E’s team of experts contacts suppliers to obtain compliance documents on the customer’s behalf, extracting any required data elements to drive supplier/product analytics.
• global document obtainment and delivery. SAP MM is optimized when used in conjunction with 3E’s industry-leading infrastructure for global document obtainment operations and its secure, high-availability data management and delivery technology.
• SAP MM-related resource optimization. Users can free up internal resources by letting 3E assume the burden of acquiring and maintaining the currency of product compliance documentation.

Along with the efficiencies created by using ADM-MM, combining the solution with 3E services to obtain additional compliance content from suppliers presents many additional benefits. 3E can assume the burden of obtaining, maintaining, verifying, and augmenting required product compliance documentation and subsequent revisions on an ongoing basis, freeing up internal resources for other activities. 3E employs a full-time staff of manufacturer relations specialists who maintain relationships with tens of thousands of manufacturers. This team is dedicated to ensuring that the database’s currency is maintained according to regulatory and client-defined business rules. 3E’s team of regulatory research specialists can make sure that the obtained documentation has all necessary elements as stipulated by regulatory authorities and client requirements and add those elements if not provided by suppliers.

About 3E Company

3E Company, a subsidiary of Verisk Analytics (Nasdaq:VRSK), offers a comprehensive suite of data, products, and services for environmental health and safety (EH&S) compliance management. This solutions suite addresses the entire chemical life cycle and includes regulatory research; MSDS authoring, distribution, and management; transportation; emergency response; training; regulatory reporting; and hazardous waste management. 3E provides an industry-leading combination of a 24/7/365 EH&S mission-control call center and the world’s premier hazardous substance database of global regulatory and compliance information. The company was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Carlsbad, California, with additional operations in Canton, Ohio; Bethesda, Maryland; Kingsport, Tennessee; Montreal, Quebec; and Copenhagen, Denmark. For more information on 3E Company, visit