On a brighter note, we received this email from veteran safety professional George Shirley, who lives and works in Sulphur, La., on the Gulf Coast, about 200 miles west of New Orleans:

"Several thousand refugees are in our communities now, with no homes, no jobs, mostly with no money left. Churches and the civic center in Lake Charles are filling up with them, and the school system is prepared to enroll their children in school so they won't fall several months behind. Many were sent on to Houston where they are now living in the old Astrodome.

"Rental property here is going at a premium, particularly fully furnished places. Local families are taking in folks who need a place to sleep and eat. I get a catch in my throat when I watch the American people responding to others in need. We've already donated our spare cash to churches, the Red Cross and the Salvation Army and are prepared to donate more as it comes in. Anne (George's wife) went down yesterday and was prepared to give blood but couldn't get in to donate, the lines were long.

"God Bless America."