The AFL-CIO and other unions are challenging OSHA’s ergonomics standard in court on the grounds that:

  • The standard is not proactive enough — Employers must be required to fix ergonomic-related hazards before employees are injured;

  • The standard allows too much time for compliance;

  • OSHA must set a timetable for ergo requirements covering the railroad industry, construction, agriculture, and maritime industries.

Within three weeks of the standard being published, these groups had filed court challenges: AFL-CIO; Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees; United Steelworkers; American Iron and Steel Institute; International Brotherhood of Teamsters; Oregon AFL-CIO; National Association of Manufacturers; U.S. Chamber of Commerce; Labor Policy Association; Society for Human Resource Management; National Beer Wholesalers Association; National Coalition on Ergonomics; and Atlantic Indemnity Company.