Trends noted at the 16th Annual Voluntary Protection Programs Participants Association Conference held in Seattle in late August:

  • Participation in OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Programs has grown an average of 25 percent in each of the past five years. Similar growth is being projected for the future. Additional sites from current VPP companies have led the expansion so far.

  • VPP’s 650 participants saved about $130 million last year due to their safety efforts.

  • 85 would-be Star sites are receiving guidance from current participants. And 44 sites have joined VPP through the help of mentors.

  • OSHA’s cadre of VPP volunteers has grown from 74 to 124 during the past year. And when 47 newly approved volunteers complete their training and are sworn in this fall, the agency will have about 170 on its roster. OSHA hopes that each VPP volunteer will be able to participate in at least one site evaluation per year.