The OSHA alliance machine is at it again. The agency has formed yet another new alliance to promote safety and health in the workplace, this one with the National Air Transportation Association's Airline Services Council (NATA-ASC). The alliance will concentrate on advancing workplace safety for workers in airport operating areas.

One area of particular focus will be on reducing and preventing worker exposure to inclement and severe weather hazards in and around airport cargo and mail ramp areas, and other areas associated with aircraft maintenance operations.

The two groups will develop training and education programs on inclement/severe weather issues and target those programs to workers throughout airport operating areas across the nation. Both organizations will provide NATA members and others with information, guidance and access to various training resources related to the hazards associated with working in environments of extreme heat or cold, or during hurricanes, tornadoes, electrical storms, etc. Case studies will be developed that illustrate the business value of safety and health.

NATA members provide aviation business services, including on-demand air charter, fuel and ground services, aircraft maintenance and pilot training. The association developed and implemented its Safety 1st program to enhance safety by identifying the knowledge and skills required of professional aviation line service personnel.