Did you know that OSHA has limited quantities of selected videos available as free loans? And now video loan orders can be processed online using an order form on OSHA’s web site: www.osha.gov

OSHA’s videos have no copyright restrictions and may be copied. You can keep videos for one week, and you can keep any printed material sent with the video. Printed material may also be duplicated.

The videos are shipped by regular mail. If you need express shipping, telephone your request to (202) 693-1999.

Here are some of the titles available for loan:

  • “Protecting Workers: How OSHA Conducts Inspections and Employer's Rights”, 18 minutes, 1994;

  • “Crane Safety For Site Superintendents”, 8 minutes, 1992;

  • “Construction Safety: Choice Or Chance”, 15 minutes, 1995;

  • “Ergonomic Programs That Work”, 21 minutes, 1998;

  • “Nursing Homes: Hazards And Solutions”, 16 minutes, 1998;

  • “As It Should Be Done: Workplace Precautions Against Bloodborne Pathogens”, 24 minutes, 1992;

  • “Servicing Multi-Piece Rim Wheels”, 10 minutes, 1985;

  • “Ground- Fault Protection At Construction Sites”, 14 minutes, 1982; and,

  • “Industrial Noise”, 10 minutes, 1983.