Violators expended a record $4.3 billion for pollution controls and environmental cleanup as a result of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) enforcement and compliance assurance efforts for FY 2001, the EPA announced Thursday.

"With our state and local partners, we set a high priority on areas that posed serious threats to health and the environment," said EPA Administrator Christie Whitman. "The Administration is determined to actively pursue those who fail to comply with the law while working closely with the regulated community to find workable and flexible solutions."

In addition to taking actions that required violators to make the highest-ever investment in pollution control and cleanup measures, EPA's FY2001 enforcement and compliance results also include:

  • Enforcement actions requiring violators to reduce an estimated 660 million pounds of pollutants and treat and safely manage an estimated 1.84 billion pounds;
  • The settlement of 222 civil judicial cases and the issuance of 3,228 administrative orders and field citations;
  • Issuing of prison sentences totaling 256 years - an increase of more than 100 years over FY2000 - for criminal violations, which also resulted in nearly $95 million in fines and restitution;
  • Supplemental environmental projects totaling $89 million - up 60 percent from FY2000.