The National Safety Council (NSC) and NIOSH have teamed up to develop more effective safety training materials for new and young workers - particularly teenage workers making the transition from school to work.

Over the next year a new safety core curriculum geared specifically to young workers will be developed. Injury rates of young workers, who don't always receive safety training that adequately reflects their needs and learning habits, are significantly higher than rates for experienced adult workers in the same industries.

NSC and NIOSH are looking for representatives of federal and state government agencies, professional associations, employers and business groups, labor organizations, NSC chapters, the educational community, the international community and others to participate in and assist with the one-year project.

Safety and health professionals, employers, employment experts, curriculum developers, trainers and other stakeholders are needed to discuss what safety and health topics should be included in a core curriculum for new and young workers.

For additional information or to register as a participant, please contact Nancy Berube at (407) 370-4098, ext. 134.