smart phoneOSHA is inviting would-be app designers to develop apps specifically aimed at teaching younger workers about workplace safety.

The deadline for entering apps in the Worker Safety & Health App Challenge is September 16, and there’s a tangible incentive for entering: cash prizes of up to $30,000.

The challenge? To use publicly available government information (i.e., DOL/OSHA data, NIOSH data, and other online government resources) to educate young workers on the safety and health risks in real work scenarios.

For the purposes of the challenge, OSHA is taking a broad view of apps. Entries can take the form of interactive and informative games, social or professional networking sites, or data visualization tools that teach young people about safety and health hazards and their rights in the workplace. Submissions may be designed for Internet browsers, smartphones, feature phones, social media platforms, or as native Windows or Macintosh applications.

For more information about the prizes and the competition guidelines, watch a short video, read Dr. David Michaels' blog, or visit the challenge page.