The American Board of Industrial Hygiene has a new credential for environmental, health and safety professionals - the Certified Associate Industrial Hygienist (CAIH).

The CAIH recognizes the knowledge and professional experience of individuals who are engaged in industrial hygiene activities, but do not spend most of their professional time in IH activities; and/or work in one or more narrowly focused areas of industrial Hygiene - such as asbestos, biohazards, ergonomics - rather than the full scope of industrial hygiene practice.

ABIH recognizes that the EHS field has changed significantly over the past several years. One of these changes has been the heightened emphasis on the "generalist." Employers and clients expect professionals to perform a wide variety of functions, rather than focusing solely on a particular area, such as safety. Individuals originally trained in safety may now find themselves spending part of their time working in areas that traditionally have fallen under the umbrella of industrial hygiene.

ABIH is currently surveying environmental, health and safety professionals to solicit their opinions on this new credential - even if you think you are not interested in, or eligible for, the CAIH credential.

The deadline for completing the survey is Friday, February 14, 2003. If you have any questions regarding the CAIH credential or the survey, contact Lynn O'Donnell, CIH, Executive Director, American Board of Industrial Hygiene, at (517) 321-2638 or