OSHA and the Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC), a trade association of merit shop electrical and systems contractors, have agreed to extend their alliance in order to continue providing opportunities for advancing workplace safety and health in the electrical industry.

The two-year renewal calls for continuing to provide IEC members and others with information and guidance on worker safety and health matters, particularly in reducing and preventing exposure to falls, rear-end auto collisions and material handling hazards. The pact also outlines specific communications goals, including the publishing of articles and features on both organizations' Web sites that focus on ergonomics, falls and OSHA's cooperative programs.

“It's been just more than a year-and-a-half since signing the alliance with IEC and we can already see the progress of our cooperative efforts,” said John Henshaw, OSHA Administrator. “I'm pleased that the association wants to continue working with us to further safety and health for workers in the electrical industry."

As a result of the original alliance, OSHA and IEC have developed a Web-based training tool ("eTool") called Ergonomic Solutions for Electrical Contractors, as well as a motor vehicle safety workshop. In addition, a safety-related links page was created for the IEC Web site, and a Safety and Health Topics page focusing on the electrical contractors industry was added to OSHA's Web site.