OSHA and the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) have established an alliance to help prevent injuries and illnesses in the workplace while sharing best practices and technical knowledge in many areas, including ergonomics, OSHA chief John Henshaw announced.

Henshaw served as AIHA president in the early 1990s while employed as an industrial hygienist by Monsanto Company.

OSHA and the AIHA will work together to provide AIHA members with information and guidance to help reduce and prevent employee exposure to ergonomic hazards, and to reach out to association members with specifics on developing, implementing and improving ergonomic programs.

AIHA members' work sites will be encouraged to participate in OSHA's cooperative programs, such the Voluntary Protection Program and the Consultation Program. AIHA members will also have opportunities to mentor and assist OSHA personnel as they proceed with professional certifications.

Both organizations will participate in forums and roundtable discussions on ergonomic issues. OSHA and AIHA also will assist association members in developing and delivering training and education programs for reducing and eliminating ergonomic hazards.

OSHA and AIHA reps will meet at least quarterly to develop an action plan, determine working procedures and identify roles and responsibilities of participants.