ASSE recently announced the approval of the new American National Standard Institute ANSI/ASSE A10.46-2007 standard. The standard,Hearing Loss Prevention in Construction and Demolition Workers, is one of a series of standards that focus on construction and demolition operations. It was approved by ANSI on March 5, 2007.

The standard is intended to help employers prevent occupational hearing loss among construction and demolition workers and applies to all construction and demolition workers with potential noise exposures (continuous, intermittent and impulse) of 85 decibels, A-weighted (dBA) and above. According to ASSE, the A-scale weighting discriminates against very low frequencies, as does the human ear, and is therefore more appropriate for determining worker exposure to noise.

ASSE serves as the secretariat for the A10 Accredited Standards Committee on construction and demolition operations. The A10 standards serve as a guide to contractors, labor and equipment manufacturers in the construction and demolition industry.