The rate of workplace injuries and illnesses in private industry declined in 2005 for the third consecutive year, the Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Thursday.

The report,Workplace Injuries and Illnesses in 2005, noted that nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses declined from the previous year — to 4.6 cases per 100 workers in 2005, compared to 4.8 cases in 2004.

"The announcement that workplace injuries and illnesses in 2005 were at an all-time low is more good news for America's workers and reflects the department's effective worker health and safety strategy: 1) compliance assistance; 2) health and safety partnerships with labor, and; 3) targeted, aggressive enforcement against bad actors,” said Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao. "As encouraging as the report is, there is more to do and the department is working hard to make workplaces even safer and healthier for America's workers."