FrenchCreek Production Inc., an independently owned and operated manufacturer of fall-arrest and rescue/recovery systems, has celebrated its 15th year of business.

Located in Franklin, Pa., FrenchCreek Production has been designing, manufacturing, testing, training, and selling (through distribution) specialized safety equipment since its inception in 1992. All FCP products are made at the Franklin, Pa., facility, which include full-body harnesses, lanyards, mechanical fall arrest devices, high-angle rescue devices, confined space/rescue tripods and Winches, and more.

FrenchCreek products are designed by a team of engineers and product development specialists, who have recently released two patent-pending products that have received international attention. The first product, the U-RES-Q, is an auto-ejecting ladder that releases from the tie-off lanyard at the slightest of falls. It allows the user, in the event of a fall, to either climb back to the working platform, or to stand on the ladder to relieve harness pressure, increase blood flow, and ensure enough time for emergency response and rescue.

The other innovative product is the second generation TRACKER, a RFID (radio frequency identification) tracking system designed to dramatically improve the future of tracking information, inventory, inspections and records. The fully functioning handheld computer, with scanner attachment, is to be used in conjunction with RFID tracking chips that are incorporated into or onto the products being tracked.

FCP has developed a full line of TRACKER Series products for use in the fall protection and safety industries, but the possibilities for its use do not stop there. The product can be used in multiple capacities and in many different fields, without the use of barcodes, Internet connections or inconvenient info-storing Web sites. The information collected from scanning the individual products can be compiled and imported into MS Word or Excel, then saved, printed and/or emailed anywhere in the world.

“The past 15 years have brought constant developments, additions and growth to FrenchCreek Production,” said FCP’s founder and former president Carl Wible, “as well as an ever-increasing customer base, both nationally and internationally.”