Founded in 1951 and headquartered in Menlo, Ga., Best Glove Inc. offers more than 600 varieties of glove styles for use primarily in the industrial and healthcare industries. The company manufactures gloves in five key industry categories: disposable, general purpose, cut-resistant, chemical-resistant and specialty.

With manufacturing facilities in Georgia, Alabama, Massachusetts, Canada and Guatemala, and sales operations throughout the world, Best has come a long way in its more than half a century of business.

In October 2007, Best was acquired by SHOWA Glove, Japan, one of the world’s largest industrial glove manufacturers. The combination of SHOWA and Best offers a comprehensive hand product portfolio, extensive channel coverage and global production facilities. Best continues to operate as a stand-alone company.

“Start-to-finish” control
Recognized internationally for innovative technology and quality, Best manages its entire production process, from research and development to manufacturing and marketing, according to the Best Glove management team. This strict “start-to-finish” control over production processes has helped establish the company’s reputation for high-quality products, the team says. Most importantly, it provides the foundation for internal growth and the introduction of new lines such as the N-DEX® non-latex, non-vinyl disposable glove, and the N-DEX® Free accelerator-free, latex-free disposable nitrile glove.

A nitrile-based alternative for latex rubber exam gloves, the N-DEX glove has helped hospitals and healthcare providers effectively treat and protect patients and employees who are latex sensitive. The glove is also ideal for cleanroom high-tech assembly and many industrial operations, according to the Best Glove management team. The N-DEX® Free glove provides laboratory, pharmaceutical and industrial workers an accelerator-free, latex-free option with superb grip, comfort and dexterity.

Best has also been the sole-source provider of SHOWA’s Hi-Tech line of hand protection in North America since 2005. Under an exclusive agreement, SHOWA’s top-selling line of anti-static and polyurethane-coated hand protection products were combined with Best’s leading gloves, i.e. N-DEX, CleaN-DEX and cut-resistant specialty gloves, to create a comprehensive line of hand protection. The line includes SHOWA’s award-winning anti-static product lines in both static-dissipative and static-conductive styles. This Hi-Tech product line also includes clean-processed and sterile versions of Best’s line of N-DEX® disposable nitrile as well as a 15-gauge, Level III cut-resistant glove, the T-Flex.

Best Glove also offers Chemrest, a comprehensive chemical-resistant guide. This free guide covers most chemicals commonly used in various work applications, providing volatility, breakdown times and proper glove usage for each.

Strong distribution network
Best sells its products and services exclusively through its network of authorized distributors and has manufacturing and sales operations across the United States, Canada, Central and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific Rim. The company offers training both in the field and at its Menlo headquarters. With a strong distribution network, and with U.S. production of key product lines, Best is positioned to deliver product to end-users quickly utilizing a well-trained technical sales force, says the Best Glove management team. Best looks for distributors that are enthusiastic about its product line and understand the Best commitment to quality both in products and services.

According to the company, distributors are attracted to carry Best product lines for six key reasons: 1) high product quality; 2) highly trained technical sales force that works with end-users; 3) superior customer service; 4) depth of product line; 5) ongoing innovation in hand protection; 6) U.S. manufacturing and R&D. Best Glove Inc. is an active member of the National Industrial Glove Distributors Association; Safety Equipment Distributors Association; International Hand Protection Association; American Industrial Hygiene Association; American Society for Testing and Materials; European Standardization Committee (CEN); National Fire Protection Association; and the Industrial Safety Equipment Association.

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