Best Glove has unveiled its new Web site A key resource to safety engineers and officers worldwide, the Web site features ChemRest, Best Glove's dedicated Web portal with all the information needed to select the most applicable, protective chemical-resistant glove for specific, potentially hazardous applications.

"Our goal is to offer a globally functional Web site that can be used for training/education, industry news and as a fully integrated chemical resistance guide, complete product listing, and glove selector guide,” said Best Glove Marketing Communications Manager Gil LeVerne. “The site will be a resource both to those who have never dealt with hand protection and those who wish to enhance the knowledge they have gathered through years of hand protection experience. We invite everyone to logon to this multi-lingual (English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch) Web site and make it their one-stop source for industrial hand protection information."

By building the portal into its Web site, Best Glove has made it easier than ever before for end-users to determine which glove will best suit their needs. The ChemRest capability on the site contains easy-to-read chemical resistance data from over 9,000 conclusive tests. It includes rankings from most effective protection for that particular chemical to least effective, not only for ASTM F739 Method for Heavy Exposure, but also for the often overlooked ASTM F1383 Method for Intermittent Contact with Chemicals — an important factor for many industries.

In addition to the ChemRest resource, the easy-to-navigate Web site has a powerful search facility that makes finding detailed information about the company, its products and the industry very simple.