OSHA issued a notice on April 30, 2008, that contains instructions and forms necessary for the preparation and submittal of certain FY 2009 documents. The notice applies to states that operate both 23(g) state plans and 21(d) on-site consultation projects that must submit an integrated application; the four States with public employee-only state plans; and the three states that provide private sector consultation under the state plan.

States must submit an application that includes either a one-year performance plan or a two-year performance plan. Financial documents will continue to be submitted on an annual basis.

According to an agency release, important changes in the notice included the following:
  1. Instructions for submitting FY 2009 applications electronically using www.grants.gov (Section VI.B.2 and 3).
  2. Relocation of the Projected Program Activities for 23(g) (Appendix B – Exhibit Ic).
  3. Specifications and reformatting for the order in which documents must be included in the application package and the requirement to number pages sequentially (Section IX.B.1.j).
  4. Revisions and reformatting of the Personnel Funding Breakout Chart – 23(g) and 21 (d), previously known as the Personnel Breakout Chart – 23(g) and 21(d) - Appendix B –Exhibit VI – Part A.
  5. Revisions of the 21(d) Training Plan to break out the estimated costs for training and related travel (Appendix B - Exhibit IV). Additionally, the training must address one the newly established Consultant Function-Core Competency categories outlined in Appendix K of the Consultation Policies and Procedures Manual.
  6. The 21(d) States must provide a complete inventory listing of equipment (sampling equipment, vehicles, computers, etc.) instead of just the changes since last application (Appendix B Exhibit II).
  7. Minimum specifications for purchases of computers connecting to OSHA systems are posted on the IT Help Desk Page.
  8. All recipients (23(g) and 21(d)) must consult with the Directorate of Information Technology prior to purchasing computer hardware or software to ensure compatibility with OSHA systems. 21(d) projects must also obtain written approval from DCSP prior to purchase. (Section IX.B.1.f; Appendix A, Exhibit IIa –OSHA Restrictions and Conditions)
  9. Revised Restrictions and Conditions on computer security requirements necessary for access to OSHA system. (Section IX.B.1.g; Appendix A, Exhibit IIa – OSHA Restrictions and Conditions)
The reporting changes do not apply to 21(d) on-site consultation projects in states under federal OSHA enforcement jurisdiction.