Nestle Waters North America (Nestle Waters) has released its first corporate citizenship report − “The Shape of Corporate Citizenship.” The report presents six corporate commitments, which address those issues most critical to its business and stakeholders: Promoting health and hydration; ensuring water quality and providing clean water when supplies are interrupted; managing water resources for long-term sustainability; reducing the company’s manufacturing and logistics footprint; developing sustainable packaging solutions; and being a good neighbor

Key goals include concrete commitments around recycling, packaging, greenhouse gas emissions and research on health:

Recycling: Advancing the goal of doubling current recycling rates to 60% or better for PET beverage bottles by 2018 through partnerships, coalition building, consumer education, improved curbside recycling programs and policy initiatives.

Packaging: Developing and producing a "next generation bottle" made entirely from recycled materials or renewable resources by 2020.

Greenhouse gas emissions: Reducing the company's carbon intensity by 20% across its full value chain by 2013.

Research: Conducting additional research on the health benefits of drinking water for weight management and disease prevention in 2010.

Nestle Waters North America is a bottled water company. Its product portfolio includes spring, purified, sparkling, drinking, distilled, mineral and flavored water, which are sold through retail outlets and directly to customers through its Home and Office Delivery business.

Its family of brands includes Arrowhead(R), Calistoga(R), Deer Park(R), Ice Mountain(R), Nestle Pure Life(R), Ozarka(R), Poland Spring(R), Zephyrhills(R), etc. It also imports globally recognized bottled water brands such as Perrier(R) and S. Pellegrino(R). The company is related to Nestle Waters, based in Paris, the bottled water division of the Swiss company, Nestle S.A.