The Board of Certified Hazard Control Management, a nonprofit organization founded in 1976, announces the 30th anniversary of the Certified Healthcare Safety Professional (CHSP) credential, according to a recent press release. The Board developed the CHSP designation in 1978, under the leadership of Mr. Harold Gordon, to encourage healthcare organizations to improve safety performance through individual certifications. CHSP members understand the importance of coordinating safety activities across the entire organization, protecting resources, and improving the bottom line of their organizations.

To date, more than 2,650 healthcare professionals have earned this prestigious certification. CHSP members come from a variety of hospital and healthcare backgrounds, including safety, security, occupational health, nursing, administration, risk management, quality improvement, facility management and engineering, hazardous material management, emergency management, fire safety, biomedical services, and environmental services. The CHSP program has gained wide recognition and continues to attract healthcare professionals desiring to earn their certification in healthcare safety. The Certified Healthcare Safety Professional program is recognized by the American Society of Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM) and by the state of Pennsylvania.

Certification candidates must document relevant job experience and/or appropriate education. Applicants must complete a formal application, provide a current job description, and obtain two reference evaluations from persons aware of their qualifications. Application and Reference Evaluation Forms can be printed from the Board Web site. CHSP credentials are issued at the Associate, Senior, and Master Levels depending on experience and/or education. Candidates without a four-year degree can use job experience and/or college credits to qualify at the Associate or Senior Level. Master Level candidates must provide documentation of a four-year degree or higher from an accredited institution.

The CHSP exam contains 100 to 120 multiple choice test items and focuses on hazard control concepts, management, patient safety, system safety methods, accreditation requirements, compliance and voluntary safety standards. It also contains test items related to infection control, hazardous material management, occupational health, emergency management, fire safety, and general safety topics relevant to healthcare settings. The exam does not test engineering or math concepts. The Board also offers the Certified Patient Safety Officer (CPSO) credential.

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