Etymotic Research Inc. has introduced the ER-200 Personal Noise Dosimeter, a portable device that measures sound levels for many hours and calculates cumulative noise exposure, according to a company press release. Its purpose is to allow people subjected to loud environments or noise sources to estimate the potential impact on their hearing.

“The Etymotic Personal Noise Dosimeter takes the guesswork out of protecting your hearing,” said Mead Killion, Ph.D., founder and president of Etymotic Research. “Noise-induced hearing loss is preventable, but most people do not know how long they can listen to loud sounds without risking damage to their hearing. Over time, damage to the inner ear from noise adds up and can result in permanent damage. Our hope is that people will use our portable, compact and affordable dosimeter to gain the knowledge they need to protect their long-term hearing ability.”

Just as people are accustomed to monitoring their blood pressure, taking their temperature or wearing radiation tags to measure exposure during certain medical procedures, using the ER-200 Personal Noise Dosimeter puts valuable health information into the hands of individuals.

“I approached Etymotic with the idea of the personal noise dosimeter because of the huge number of cases of preventable hearing loss in the United States,” said Greg Flamme, Ph.D., an audiologist and professor at Western Michigan University. “I think this Etymotic product could make a real difference in the lives of people whose work or other activities expose them to high noise levels. People should be empowered to take appropriate steps to prevent noise-induced hearing loss if they know how much noise they've been exposed to. It’s really no different than monitoring your weight, blood pressure or cholesterol level to prevent other health problems.”

Etymotic Research is the world leader in high-fidelity noise-isolating in-ear earphones. The company — whose name means “true to the ear” — designs, develops and manufactures products to measure, improve and protect hearing. For 25 years, Chicago-based Etymotic Research has been creating products used by musicians and others who insist on optimal sound quality. For more information, visit or call 888.389.6684.