A special set of panels on improving working conditions in global supply chains will be held on Tuesday, June 2nd in Toronto, Canada, as part of the annual American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Exhibition.

The panel series is being jointly organized by four AIHA Technical Committees – International Affairs, Management, Social Concerns and Stewardship & Sustainability – a rare event at the conference.

The goal of the panels is to involve industrial hygienists in projects to improve factory conditions in the developing world on several levels by partnering with governments, universities, transnational corporations, national employers, and workers’ organizations including trade unions and community-based groups.

The first panel at 10:30 am is titled “Global Supply Chains and Social Responsibility: The Health and Safety Issues.” Speakers and topics will include a question and answer session with Edward Quevedo, the keynote speaker of the morning general session; “Issues and Challenges in Minimizing Supply Chain Risks,” David Stangis (Campbell Soup Company); “Genuine Worker Participation Essential for Effective OHS Programs,” Garrett Brown (Maquiladora Health & Safety Support Network); “Supply Chain Occupational Health and Safety in China,” Janice Camp (University of Washington); and “EHS Ramifications of Global Supply Chains During Times of Increasing Cost, Compliance, and Competitive Pressures,” John Mulhausen (3M Inc.)

The second panel at 2 pm is titled “Global Supply Chains and Social Responsibility: Lessons Learned and IH Activism.” Speakers and topics will include “EHS Supply Chain Experiences of a Multinational Company,” Ashay Ajgaonkar (Applied Materials Inc.); “What 15 Years of Codes of Conduct and Monitoring Tell Us,”Lynda Yanz (Maquila Solidarity Network); “Developing Sustainable EHS Programs for Pharmaceutical Industry Supply Chain in India and China,” Maharshi Mehta (ISS-India); “AIHA Resources and the Global Supply Chain,” Mark Katchen (Phylmar Group Inc.); “What Industrial Hygienists Can Do As Citizens and Consumers,” Scott Nova (Workers Rights Consortium); and “Efforts to Develop Global IH Expertise from within an AIHA Local Section,” Richard Hirsh (Stiefel Laboratories Inc.).

A reception will be held after the afternoon session to provide an opportunity for AIHCE participants to interact with the speakers and learn about possibilities to volunteer their time and expertise for projects in the developing world through professional and non-governmental organizations.