Finally, Congress has passed a 2009 budget that was supposed to have taken effect last October 1, according to the American Industrial Hygiene Association. According to AIHA’s analysis, OSHA received an increase in overall dollars, with much of this coming in the form of enforcement appropriations. The breakdown:

Safety and Health Standards — $17,204,000 Federal Enforcement — $197,946,000 State Programs — $92,593,000 Technical Support — $22,632,000 Compliance Assistance Federal — $72,659 State Consultation — $54,531,000 Training Grants — $10,000,000 Safety and Health Statistics — $34,128,000 Administration — $11,349,000

Total OSHA funding — $513,042,000

AIHA notes that language attached to the final 2009 budget states OSHA should spend more of this money on enforcement, improved recordkeeping, specific issues such as diacetyl, cranes and derricks, pandemic flu, ergonomics guidelines, silica, etc.

NIOSH received $360 million for 2009. The 2009 budget does include $112 million for the National Occupational Research Agenda and $70 million for the WTC health project, according to AIHA’s analysis

2010 BudgetPresident Obama submitted his budget request to Congress and both the Senate and the House have adopted budget resolutions with the total dollar amount to be spent in 2010. But according to AIHA, attempting to find out where these dollars will be spent is impossible. There are also no details on what NIOSH may receive in 2010. But there is a figure provided for the Environmental Protection Agency. The President is requesting a 34-percent increase in EPA spending. If the proposal goes through, EPA will be receiving more than $10 billion per year compared to a little over $500 million for OSHA, according to AIHA’s analysis.