Sperian Protection has announced that its flagship brand, Uvex®, has launched a new Culture of Safety online resource center at www.Uvex.us to help improve safety among industrial workforces, according to recent company press release. The website now includes new tools, tips and expert insights from Uvex and other recognized industry leaders, making it easier for executives, safety managers and employees in every workplace to achieve a culture of safety.

“Knowing where to start when adopting a safety culture can be complicated in any industry,” said David Iannelli, senior product manager for Uvex. “That is why we are introducing this one-stop center that not only guides safety professionals through the process, but also provides them with a vast array of additional resources. We are pleased to expand our commitment to workplace safety through this important initiative.”

Based on recent in-depth research conducted among safety managers, Uvex found that promoting eye protection is an important first step in creating a safety culture. Therefore, the Culture of Safety resource center features the following four focus areas:

Educate: The first step toward building a culture of safety throughout an organization is education. This area provides information and resources for safety managers to use in educating themselves, their workforce and management about safety best practices and principles. It contains a guide to eye and face protection, an in-depth lens tint reference guide, a section describing the Military Velocity Sub Zero standard, industry articles and an extensive bibliography. It also features helpful links that direct visitors to third-party websites where they can access information on a variety of safety-related topics from industry leaders and regulators including the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), the National Eye Institute, OSHA, Prevent Blindness America and many more.

Communicate: A solid communications platform is critical to building and maintaining a culture of safety. In this area, authored by Sperian Eye & Face safety director, Michael Francisco, visitors learn important steps and expert tips for communicating with workers and plant management to help achieve their safety culture goals.

Select: Selecting the right partners and the right equipment is paramount to fostering a true culture of safety. In this area, visitors can utilize Uvex’s Web-based Eyewear Selection Tool. This one-of-a-kind tool takes the confusion out of selecting the proper eyewear for any job by automating the search based on inputs such as hazard type, coverage level, lens tint and other options. In addition, the area enables visitors to directly submit requests to Uvex for a free on-site eyewear assessment, free prescription safety eyewear assessment and/or free on-site vision screening.

Reinforce: Instilling — and maintaining — a strong culture of safety isn’t easy. Once a workforce buys into positive safety behaviors, reinforcing those behaviors is vital. This area of the site outlines several easy ways to reinforce and encourage positive safety behaviors among any workforce.