During 2004-2007, an average of 33.5 million injuries were reported each year, according to the National Health Interview Survey, United States, 2004--2007.

Among females, 54% of injuries occurred inside or outside of the home, compared with 42% of injuries among males. Injuries among males were more likely to occur in recreation areas (17%) and commercial areas (13%) than injuries among females.

Among places of injury, the home, including both inside and outside residents, was the most dangerous, accounting for 50+% of injuries. No other areas of day-to-day life came any where close to be as hazardous.Each of these following sites accounted for fewer than 20% of all injuries reported: recreation area includes recreation or sports facility, recreation area, lake, river, or pool; street includes highway, sidewalk, or parking lot; commercial area includes industrial, construction, farm, trade, or service area; school includes school, child care center, or preschool; other includes hospital or residential institution, other public building, or other place not specified.