McWane, Inc., based in Birmingham, Alabama, a manufacturer of cast iron pipes and one of America’s largest privately owned companies, employing over 7,500 people and generating an estimated $1.75 billion in operating revenues, is embracing OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program as one way of rebounding from a series of high-profile press reports in 2003 describing McWane as one of the most dangerous work places in America, with multiple deaths occurring at its numerous foundries.

Investigative reporters fromThe New York Times,the documentary TV seriesPBS Frontline, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation claimed that between 1995 and 2003, McWane had been slapped with more than 400 OSHA violations, and in the same time period, 4,600 workers have been injured in McWane's foundries

In 2008,PBS Frontlineaired a five-year update on McWane’s safety, health and environmental programs, examining investments and upgrades the company had made to improve its EHS record.

In February, 20010, McWane’s Clow Water Systems received official OSHA recognition as a Merit Site, according to a post on the company’s web site. Six McWane facilities have achieved VPP status. According to the company’s web site: “McWane remains committed to having one of the best safety programs in the nation with a goal to have all McWane facilities achieve VPP status.”