An array of FR apparel in lighter twill, canvas and denim fabrics gives workers more options for every season.

Comfortable, durable and lightweight fabric construction are key qualities that workers want in their flame-resistant (FR) apparel. But along with all of these qualities, FR apparel is most importantly required to keep workers protected on the job. It can seem challenging to find all of these qualities plus protection in one garment. With a little research, you can find the right garments that offer the lightweight comfort you want and the protection that you need.

Why lightweight?
Why is lightweight FR important? Workers want lighter FR workwear alternatives to rotate in and out of their wardrobes during seasonal climate changes to keep them warmer or cooler on the job without compromising their safety. They also want comfortable FR workwear styles developed with more functional FR fabric options without losing the durability and integrity that is expected.

The overall benefit of lightweight FR: Workers can now wear garments that are compliant to their occupational standards — with less bulk and less heat stress.

Lightweight solutions
Workwear manufacturers who offer lightweight outerwear FR also offer pants, shirts and even accessories. Some manufacturers carry all these options under one roof, which can offer considerable timesavings.

In the FR pant category, look for styles that are available in lightweight fabric options including 8.5- ounce canvas, 9-ounce twill, and even FR denims available in ounces as low as 11.75. Many workers find the versatility of their work pants just as important as the fabric option. These same lightweight FR styles offer many functional features including multiple utility pockets, triple-needle stitching, reinforced back pockets, wider leg openings that fit comfortably over work boots. These styles also have NFPA 70E and NFPA 2112 compliancy ratings clearly visible on each garment — helping workers stay protected and comfortable on the job.

Comfort and compliance are equally important on top. For cooler days, look for styles available in long-sleeve twills and knits in addition to the zip-front sweatshirt capacity for easy layering options. Whether you’re looking for a T-shirt, henley, mock turtleneck, lightweight twill tradesman shirt or even a zip-front sweatshirt, you can find these styles in weights ranging from 6 ounces to 10 ounces. They also offer functional pockets in addition to clearly visible NFPA 70E and NFPA 2112 compliancy ratings.

Looking for full coverage without the weight? Coveralls don’t always have to be hot and heavy. Check out the latest in unlined twill coveralls available in weights as low as 7 ounces that offer a multitude of functional features including pass-through pockets, multiple tool and utility pockets, pleated bi-swing back, triple needle stitching, wider leg openings that fit comfortably over work boots and NFPA 70E and NFPA 2112 compliancy ratings clearly visible on each garment.

Remember, being compliant does not have to mean being uncomfortable.