ChemSW, Inc., the leading provider of chemical inventory management systems, and 3E Company, the world leader in chemical, regulatory and compliance information services, have announced a joint technology agreement and the release of 3E MSDS Management for CISPro, according to a recent press release.

Under the terms of the agreement, ChemSW and 3E Company have jointly developed technology to be used with 3E's MSDS solutions and ChemSW's CISPro(R). The new integrated solution enables CISPro users to automatically retrieve desired MSDSs from 3E's extensive range of MSDS solutions that provide 24-7-365 access to a database of millions of MSDSs such that only the most relevant MSDS is referenced.

Storing, updating and retrieving MSDS documents can be difficult and expensive. By fully synchronizing the industry-leading CISPro chemical inventory system with the integrated MSDS module, users have instant access to up-to-date MSDS, whether from the lab or — when used with 3E Online-MSDS — from the production floor, providing companies with an efficient and affordable method for complying with environmental, health and safety (EH&S), hazard communication and workplace safety regulatory requirements.

"This partnership broadens and deepens our relationship with ChemSW," states Jeffrey Starr, Vice President of Marketing, 3E Company. "ChemSW's expertise in the laboratory environment coupled with the new 3E MSDS Management for CISPro solution delivers significant global benefits to the ChemSW user community. Now, these users will be able to access MSDS documents much more efficiently, any time, any where. It's the first integrated solution of this kind that brings together two enduring solutions for the laboratory environment."

"This integrated solution delivers not just the immediate benefits of accuracy and efficiency, but also a sustainable best-of-breed solution that drives long-term results," explains Brian Stafford, President of ChemSW. "The average lab may have 50,000 materials on site and each one needs an MSDS. Keeping up with changes is a huge job. 3E helps you manage and maintain current MSDSs worry-free and can help companies transition to industry changes such as the new GHS compliant format."

Using the integrated solution, EH&S professionals can provide users with rapid, automatic access to the most current MSDS for any material on site that's in their CISPro database. From within the CISPro application, CISPro users can now automatically retrieve the latest MSDSs from 3E's database, thus facilitating compliance. The integrated solution also shows MSDS-related product status information. "For instance, companies will be better able to ensure that toxic substances are managed, stored and used correctly," Stafford adds. "No more searching through binders of documents and replacing outdated MSDS paper files. This integrated solution removes a tedious, time-consuming management burden by automating the entire process. The speed and ease of access are simply astounding."

3E Company and ChemSW have an established partnership based on the integration of 3E Ariel regulatory data with ChemSW's CISPro. This new solution extends the integration from substance level regulatory data to product level MSDS data.

3E MSDS Management for CISPro is now available for purchase and use with both the CISPro Global and CISPro Live systems. For details, visit or