Sensear, the world’s leading provider of high noise communication headsets, announced in a recent press release the impending global launch of its first Intrinsically Safe (IS) product. After the initial certification and launch in South Africa a few months ago, the new IS Smart Muff is being rolled out across the globe.

The new IS Smart Muff is designed to significantly enhance communication in high noise environments while keeping workers protected from noise induced hearing loss. There is a growing need for a solution like Sensear due to the incidence of hearing loss lawsuits such as a recent high profile case in Louisiana in which an oil company was forced to pay workers $50,000 each for noise induced hearing loss.

The IS Smart Muff combines Sensear’s one-of-a-kind SENS™ (speech enhancement, noise suppression) technology to enable clear and safe communication in high noise environments where hazardous and potentially combustible materials are present such as oil and gas facilities and chemical manufacturing plants.

The IS Smart Muff enables users to communicate in high noise via face-to-face, two-way radio (with a compatible IS model), or Bluetooth through a cell phone without ever having to remove the hearing protection. Additionally, the IS Smart Muff enables muff-to-muff communication in short range distances (up to 50 meters).

“Leading companies around the globe are reaping the benefits of our unique SENS technology, and many asked us to develop an option for hazardous environments,” commented Justin Miller, CEO of Sensear. “The IS Smart Muff really is the dawn of a new era in explosive proof high noise communication, enabling countless oil, gas, petrochemical and other workers to communicate more effectively and more safely while remaining aware of their surroundings.”

Sensear’s IS Smart Muff is available for demonstrations and order now, with the first shipment of products expected in January 2011. When released, the muff will be certified to IECEx and ATEX standards for use in hazardous environments.