When that steam whistle sounds and a hard day’s work has come to an end, construction workers hang up their helmets and call it a day. However, while the construction industry has long been the unsung hero behind the beautiful innovations and infrastructure in our great nation, there are few products available to protect workers from natural elements such as heat, sun exposure, and rain. Most companies and safety boards require hard hats or helmets for outdoor work where falling objects and hazards are a concern, but there are more present dangers afoot. Even modern safety equipment does not provide sun and heat protection. Construction teams will finally have access to revolutionary protection of the elements via the release of two revolutionary helmet brims, the PRO Builder and the PRO Tech Lite, from Da Brim, a Bryan Family Enterprises LLC brand.

It is no secret that working outdoors without proper protection and safety equipment can take an immense toll on one’s health and well-being. Dedicated to crafting purpose-driven solutions for modern problems, Da Brim has stepped in to craft a variety of helmet brims to equip workers with adequate heat and sun protection to stay cool and feel safe.

Upon launching their first PRO Tech visor brim in 2013, Da Brim saw the need for a high visibility version of their flagship product, thus the vision for the PRO Tech Lite was created. Sleek, lightweight, and offering UPF 50+ sun protection that blocks over 97.5% of the sun’s damaging rays, the PRO Tech Lite features ANSI 107-2010 compliant hi-vis fluorescent yellow fabric and reflective material for increased visibility. The patented attachment technology mounts directly onto any standard construction helmet, stays securely fastened throughout the day without modifying the helmet, or compromising functionality, durability, and design. 

Those workers who prefer the look and shade profile of a hard hat may be reluctant to make the switch to a helmet, but why compromise? The new PRO Builder model features the same ANSI107-2010 compliant fluorescent yellow as the PRO Tech Lite 3” brim while bringing back the feel of a hard hat with an extra level of protection. Also available in white to match the required helmets on many job sites, the PRO Builder is water-resistant, protective, and durable.

Due to quality craftsmanship, each model of 3” PRO helmet brims are easy to use, effortless to care for and provide full coverage all day long. These PRO model brims also fit recreational climbing helmets. Whether work or play, the PRO Builder and PRO Tech Lite users can expect a more productive and enjoyable day in the sun.

Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the construction and outdoor industries; Bryan Family Enterprises’ purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with the release of the Da Brim PRO Builder and PRO Tech Lite.

To learn more about Bryan Family Enterprises LLC and integrations on the horizon please visit http://www.dabrim.com.