Under President Obama’s FY12 budget, EPA will have to make do with $8.973 billion - about a 13 percent decrease from the FY 2010 budget of $10.3 billion.

"As millions of families are cutting back and spending less, they expect the same good fiscal sense out of their government. That is why this budget reflects the tough choices needed for our nation's short and long-term fiscal health and allows EPA to maintain its fundamental mission of protecting human health and the environment," said EPA chief Lisa Jackson.

"This budget focuses our resources on the most urgent health and environmental challenges we face," Jackson said. "Though it includes significant cuts, it provides EPA with what we need to fundamentally protect the health of the American people." The EPA's FY 2012 budget cuts deepest into the combined budget for the Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds. The FY 2012 proposal of $2.5 billion is a decrease of $947 million below the 2010 funding level.

That’s small change compared to what House Republican leaders propose in a plan to slash the federal government's fiscal year 2011 budget by $100 billion compared to President Obama's request.

Under the Republican proposal, EPA would face a funding level about $3 billion below its FY10 appropriation of $10.3 billion — a 29 percent reduction.