Workers power washing a building in Boston, MA and constructing rooftops in Lincoln, IL were in danger from significant fall hazards, according to OSHA.

NET Construction Management, workers who were power washing the side of a building and dismantling scaffolding to 17-foot falls due to a lack of fall protection and the NET’s failure to fully plank the scaffolding used by workers. The Wilmington building restoration and masonry contractor, faces a total of $235,000 in proposed fines for the three willful and six serious citations it received.

At a Lincoln, IL worksite, employees ofMcEntire's Roofing Inc.were allowed to operate without fall protection at two-story residential projects resulting in six citations; two of them repeat citations for allegedly not having a grasping handle and/or a ladder extended 3 feet or more above the roofline for workers to access in order to prevent falls. Proposed penalties for the company total $102,000.

Coming under OSHA’s scrutiny is nothing new for the roofing company. Prior to the two most recent inspections, the had been inspected by OSHA six times since 2005, resulting in 15 prior citations.