Ergodyne announced today their partnership with OutDry®, provider of a revolutionary laminate membrane technology, and the imminent integration of the technology into Ergodyne's ProFlex® Hand Protection line. Ergodyne

Specifically, OutDry® takes waterproofing to the next level using a patented lamination process that bonds a waterproof/breathable membrane directly to the external layer of the product -- resulting, in this case, in a perfectly sealed, waterproof glove.

"We're thrilled to incorporate this innovative, cutting-edge technology into our ProFlex® gloves," said Tom Votel, president and CEO of Ergodyne. "It's like high-tech, task-specific, custom galoshes for your hands. Water, beware."

"Ergodyne's decision to adopt OutDry® in such a hi-quality and broad line of protective gloves is an important endorsement for our technology. We are extremely excited to introduce our brand and technology to the US PPE market with such a respected company," said Luca Morlacchi, co-founder and general manager of OutDry®.

OutDry® technology will be available in existing ProFlex® Hand Protection models this winter (2011) with plans for additional expansion and new models in 2012.Ergodyne OutDry®