Fallogic™ fall protection solutions, Made in Canada, introduce a more durable line of products that exceed the industry’s standards, resulting in products with a longer service life. J.P. Sankpill, President and CEO of U.S. Safety, explains why durability is vital to the success of an effective fall protection plan: “The biggest determining factor for useful life from one harness to the next is the weight and quality of the webbing material and stitching.” Fallogic™ harnesses exceed ANSI standards by 30%, which create stronger, lighter products that resist abrasion and other jobsite elements. Other innovations include permanently attaching an E6 rated lanyard to the Maximus™ specialty harness rated for a 386lb. weight limit, so the worker using the harness is always outfitted with the properly rated harness/lanyard combination. Fallogic™ harnesses are also available with custom embroidery on the chest strap which serves as a permanent mark, aiding in loss prevention and accountability for maintenance and tracking of harnesses. Lastly and most important in the daily use of fall protection gear is fit and function. Fallogic™ harnesses include a simple, reliable QuickFit™ system that allows visual confirmation of proper fit even on a heavy workday. “Bells and whistles are great, but what it really comes down to is performance,” Sankpill says. Fallogic™ combines performance, innovation and real-world expertise to bring you “Smarter Fall Protection.” 

U.S. Safety has a knack for creating simple solutions that just make sense, and Fallogic™ is the latest example. U.S. Safety is also widely known for it’s game-changing Passport Rx™ program that gives employers an affordable, simple way to provide their workers with top-quality prescription safety glasses made by experts in eye and face protection. 

U.S. Safety is a third generation, family-owned company specializing in eye, face, respiratory and fall protection solutions for Fortune 500 and small business alike that enhance worker safety, backed by over 75 years of experience and a company-wide commitment to exceeding customer expectations.