The EC100 Rechargeable Electrochemical Data Loggers from CO2Meter, Inc. are designed to remotely log gas level concentrations at any frequency you choose. They can "wake up," take atmospheric readings, store them in memory, and go back to sleep within seconds. The four new Data Loggers are: oxygen, carbon monoxide, ethylene and ethylene oxide

Benefits of the data loggers include:
• LiPoly Rechargeable Batteries - runs for months
• Huge Logging Memory - Up to 15,000 data points
• USB Plug and Play - with FREE DAS software

Built around EC100 electrochemical sensors, the data gathered is reliable and accurate.

The EC100 Rechargeable Electrochemical Data Logger is designed to remotely log data on the concentrations of a chosen gas for long periods of time and at remote locations. It can "wake up," take atmospheric readings, store them in memory, and go back to sleep within seconds. The logger is rechargeable with a built-in lithium ion battery and will hold up to 15,000 data points.

Built on the EC100 electrochemical sensing platform, the data gathered by this unit is guaranteed to be accurate and reliable for many years. Each unit comes with a calibration certificate and instruction manual for proper operation.

CO2Meter, Inc, offers a wide range of electrochemical cells for installation that have a preconfigured gas (shown below) or can be customized.

Free easy-to-use Software for Download

This data logger is compatible with CO2 Meter's fully-featured data acquisition system (DAS) software. This software has been built from the ground up to allow for easy configuration, data collection, and calibration of your data logger. Available free of charge on CO2Meter, Inc. website, this software allows you to download logs, analyze, and export your data in report form, and as a CSV file for importation into industry-standard data logging packages.

The DAS software features automatic updates so you will always be receiving feature upgrades and additions.
Sensor Specifications:

Sampling Method: diffusion
• Data logging: 15 seconds to 18 hours sample interval
• Memory: 15,000 log entries maximum, includes timestamp, sensor data, and sensor temperature
• Sensor Life Expectancy: > 2-5 years
• Size: 5.75×5.6×1.3in (146×91×33mm)

Power: Lithium Ion Battery Pack (2000mAh)
USB Power Supply for Charging

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