STOKO Refresh 4 in 1The STOKO® Refresh 4 in 1 dispensing system is the latest cost – cutting innovation from the worldwide leader in skin care solutions. Now, one durable, attractive, easy - to - use and economical dispenser is all you need for all of your hand hygiene programs.

One dispenser works with four systems:
• Thick foam encourages frequent washing – environmentally friendly and easy on your budget
• Concentrated spray cleansers and sanitizers deliver superior STOKO quality at the lowest cost per use
• Mild liquid cleansers are ideal for use in high – traffic or high – volume work areas
• Hand sanitizing gel effectively sanitizes hands without water, killing 99.99% of germs that can cause illness


• Switch product type at any time
• Easy to operate dispenser, quick to refill
• Secure key–entry or convenient keyless
• Can be customized with customer’s logo


• Low cost per use
• High use per refill


• Sturdy, high impact dispenser housing
• Low maintenance, clean design

Better for the environment

• Environmentally preferred ingredients
• Conforms to recognized ecological standards
• Fully recyclable bottles and pumps

Streamline. Simplify. Save.
• Save time and money
• Simplify your purchasing
• Streamline your inventory
• Competitively priced refills
• Improve cash flow – less inventory to carry
• You always have the right dispenser at hand

Hygeni - Lok®
• Hygienically sealed to keep germs out
• Bottle and pump replaced as a single unit – system fully refreshed with every changeout

Two entry systems for security and convenience:
Locked - standard entry with key
Unlocked – for keyless entry insert the push button.

About STOKO® Skin Care
STOKO® Skin Care is a Product Line of Evonik Industries, Evonik Stockhausen, LLC
2401 Doyle Street, Greensboro, NC 27406. 1.800.334.0242 • An ISO 9001 & 14001 Registered Firm.