FairWarningFairWarning, an online, nonprofit news source will be able to continue providing public interest journalism on issues of health, safety and corporate conduct, thanks to recent donations of 60,000, including a $50,000 grant from the Charles Evans Foundation.

In an era of shrinking staffs and budgets, FairWarning continues to perform investigative journalism on vital issues, often focusing on reckless business practices and lax oversight by government agencies. The Charles Evans Foundation provided the original funding to launch FairWarning in March, 2010.

“The Evans Foundation has been there for us since the beginning,” said Myron Levin, executive director of FairWarning. “It’s hard to imagine where we’d be without them.”

Based in Encino, Calif., FairWarning has also received grants of $5,000 each from The Rosenthal Family Foundation and from The Renaissance Foundation. In addition, the Fund for Investigative Journalism has awarded $3,500.

Levin said FairWarning’s “News & Notes” feature, which appears five days a week, has been revamped to give readers a broader roundup of important safety and health news.

The following are among the stories available on the FairWarning.org website:

• Wind Industry Accused of Blowing Off Worker Safety Rule
• Industry Seeks to Stave Off Regulation Over Toddler Burns
• Bad Shock: Automated Devices for Jolting Hearts May Save Fewer Lives in Hospitals
• Peril in the West
• While Assailing Driving Distractions, Automakers Pack in Tempting Gadgets
• School Bus Safety is Stuck in Idle
• Safety Advocates Protest Stalled Talks Over Deadly Window Blind Hazard
• A Retail Tactic That is So Not Cool
• Activist’s Crusade Stalls as Auto Safety Goals Collide
• Campaign Aimed at Hazardous Rental Cars Shifts into High Gear
• As Kids Keep Dying in Car Trunks, GM Fix is Elusive
• California Showcase for Safe Workplaces Includes Employers with Spotty Records
• Imported Fish with Banned Chemicals Reaching U.S. Consumers
• Burn Cases Turn Up the Heat on Fireplace Makers
• Analysis Finds Evidence of Autism in Many Vaccine Injury Cases
• Assuming You Want to Know, Genetic Tests Are No Crystal Ball
• Toddlers Suffer Severe Burns From Broiling Fireplace Glass, as Businesses Write Their Own Safety Rules
• With Pfizer, FDA Shunning Tests on Mentally Ill, Promise of Smoking Remedy Chantix Turns to Ashes for Some
• Prison Workers Demand Pay for Hazardous Exposures as Long-Running Dispute Turns Toxic
• Yamaha Rumbles Into Rough Terrain, Battling Lawsuits Over Its Rhino Off-Road Vehicle
• DRIVE Coalition Hits a Wall
• Protection Lags for Workers Who Report Hazards on the Job
• Old Trucks Leave Fiery Legacy, Smoldering Anger
• Before Toyota, There Was Ford-Firestone
• ATV Industry Straddles Safety Debate as Off-Road Deaths Mount
• Squishy Stats Cloud Job Safety Advance

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