Sales increased 32 percent to $9.2 billion with 15 percent higher local prices, 4 percent currency benefit, 1 percent higher volume, and a 12 percent net increase from portfolio changes. Sales in developing markets grew 38 percent.

 “The resilience and diversity of DuPont’s business portfolio was evident in our strong third quarter results. Despite turbulent global economic and market conditions, we delivered solid growth through innovative products and process technologies, disciplined execution and continued productivity gains,” said DuPont Chair and CEO Ellen Kullman.

Safety & Protection business segment — Sales of $1.0 billion were up 15 percent, with 8 percent higher selling prices and a 7 percent increase from the MECS acquisition. Higher selling prices primarily reflect pricing actions to offset raw material cost increases. PTOI of $118 million decreased $16 million on destocking in industrial markets and higher spending for growth initiatives including the Cooper River Kevlar® expansion, which more than offset the impact of the acquisition and favorable currency.

Expectations for the fourth quarter include slowing global growth, some destocking, and the recognition that a portion of Agriculture sales in Latin America was shifted to the third quarter by the early start of the planting season.