lionThe favorite sound project grew from Deanna Meinke's experience with a NHCA-sponsored children's hearing conservation poster contest.

While presenting the award winners of the children's poster contest at the 2000 NHCA luncheon in Denver, the question "What is your favorite sound?" was posed to each of the three winners. Their responses were thoughtful and enlightening: "flute", "drums" and "my cat".

Surprisingly, the conversation continued between the parents and other lunch guests during the luncheon. People who had "never thought about it" were suddenly and enthusiastically sharing what they valued and enjoyed most about sound in their lives. The favorite sound concept is another technique for programs in hearing loss prevention and hearing conservation.

The project has provided the opportunity for encounters and discussions with individuals about the value of hearing as well as the need for hearing loss prevention and hearing conservation. It is a practical tool when attempting to motivate an individual to utilize hearing protection or change his or her hazardous noise listening habits.

The most memorable encounters and experiences are categorized as:

• Lack of Interest and Refusal to Use Hearing Protection
• Positive Experience in Training Courses
• Rationale for Providing Hearing Conservation
• Fun
• New Personal Encounters
• Personal Insights