ForesightWorldwide Vision Technologies is excited to announce Foresight's line of Attachable Safety Glasses. Foresight Attachable Safety Glasses are designed with comfort in mind. They do not irritate your ears or slide down your nose because they attach to your hard hat, not to your head. They are especially useful in the cold weather as hats and hooded sweatshirts can be worn without any fogging up or allowing any cold air to penetrate the hat. They are adjustable and can be raised or lowered under the brim of the hard hat. Specially designed slots in the arms also hold corded ear protection for a complete head protection system- if you have your hat, then you have your safety glasses and ear protection.

Our new product line includes 5 lens tint options and Replacement Lenses are always available. They are available in clear, grey, blue-mirrored, yellow and indoor/outdoor lenses.  All Foresight Attachable Lenses are anti-fog treated and meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1 1-2010 and CSA 297.3-07 standards for high-impact eye protection. Please visit for our list of distributors or directly contact Kelly Gallagher, Director of Sales and Marketing at 201-314-8568 or via email at