Safety 2012Would you watch out for my safety? Discover 5 reasons people will want to watch out for your safety and the safety of others Monday, June 4 session 502 at in Denver, CO.
Putting PPE Solutions to the test. Learn recent advances to best practices in onsite PPE evaluation for high heat, molten metal and hot liquid in chemical and petrochemical environments at session 521 Monday June 4 at in Denver, CO.
Are There Challenges With Supplying Standardized PPE Internationally? You Bet! PPE challenges within the international workplace are often identified after-the-fact, through the process of discovery and lessons learned - the hard way – with a hefty price-tag in terms of employee injuries and worker compensation claims, third party liability, international and U.S. regulatory enforcement actions, operational inefficiencies, and host-nation relations. Participate in Jose A. Rodriguez’s session, 633 Tuesday, June 5 at Safety 2012.
Implementing NFPA 70E for Arc Flash Safety to real-world situations can be confusing. Join Daryn Lewellyn Monday, June 4 for session 518 at Safety 2012 in Denver and learn Arc Flash analysis, approach boundaries, qualified vs. unqualified personnel, PPE, and more. Visit

What is the most effective organizational design to rapidly and consistently improve SHE performance? Should the SHE professional have unilateral authority over the SHE process within an organization or should this task be relegated to senior management or perhaps the front line management organization? Examine how a management team identified those elements and created a management structure not typically seen in business today, where front line management accept responsibility and control of leading the SHE effort in the field. Despite major SHE incidents early in the project, a foreign workforce and unusually harsh working conditions, the team in the study established their organization as the trend-setter for SHE performance. Join Norman H. Black, CSP, ES&H Manger at Bechtel for session 501 Case Study: SHE Design Lead Exclusively by Management, Monday, June 4 at