CaliforniaTo ensure that California employers do everything they can to prevent serious injury or death as a result of working in a confined space, The Phylmar Regulatory Roundtable (PRR) -- a group of companies committed to improving workplace safety and health -- compiled information from members companies existing safety and health programs and created materials that provide the public with a set of successful or good practices for confined space and lockout/tagout procedures for those who do not have these resources available to them.

Last year, seven occupational fatalities occurred in confined spaces, according to Cal/OSHA. Last October at the Community Recycling & Recovery in Lamont, California, one worker cleaning a drainage tunnel was overcome with hydrogen sulfide gas. Another worker rushed in to save him and was also overcome. Both workers died as a result.

Confined space hazards occur in multiple industries and frequently claim more than one life because employers are either not familiar with the risks of working in such spaces or do not follow proper safeguards. The PRR Good Practices Task Forces tools provide a means for the employer to evaluate program effectiveness.

Confined Space Materials available at: include: Sample Written Program, Sample Entry Permit, Sample Checklist for Supervisors, Sample Checklist for Annual Program Review, Sample Checklist for Compliance Review, Sample Confined Space Inventory Form, and links to the Federal Confined Space Standard and the California Confined Space Standard.

Lockout/Tagout Materials available at: include: Sample Written Program, Sample Checklist for Annual Verification, Sample Checklist for Compliance Review, Sample Checklist for Program Review, LO/TO Overview, Skills Survey, and links to the
Federal Lockout/Tagout Standard, and to the California Lockout/Tagout Standard

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