Magnalight EXPSG-LVLED-10W Explosion Proof LED LightLarson Electronics’ announced today the addition of the EXPSG-LVLED-10W Explosion Proof LED Light to its line of heavy duty explosion proof lighting equipment. Designed for use in small spaces, this LED light runs cooler, lasts longer, and uses less power than incandescent explosion proof lamps. Class 1 Division 1 and 2 approved, this LED light is also suitable for wet locations and ideal for illuminating small areas and task specific stations within industrial hazardous locations.

The EXPSG-LVLED-10W explosion proof LED compact light is a low voltage LED light fixture that has been U.L. approved for Class 1, Division 1 & 2 hazardous locations and use in wet environments. Constructed of corrosion-resistant die cast aluminum alloy for durability and sealed with heavy duty silicone rubber gaskets, this LED explosion proof light incorporates a single LED light emitter producing 860 lumens for high output and efficient, reliable operation. By incorporating a high quality LED emitter fitted with a Cree Xlamp© LED, Magnalight has produced a lamp that offers cool operation and an extremely long 50,000 hour operating life, reducing the need for maintenance and frequent bulb replacements. Equipped with advanced built in electronic LED controllers, this explosion proof LED lamp can operate with any voltage between 9 and 46 VDC, making it ideal for low voltage applications where 12 and 24 VDC is normally utilized. Using only 10 watts and less than 1 amp on a 12 volt circuit, this LED lamp produces as much light as a comparable 50 watt halogen lamp, yet runs cooler and produces whiter and more effective illumination. A standard bracket mounting system constructed of cast aluminum allows this explosion proof light  to be used with a variety of fixtures of various types and sizes including but not limited to: bolt-on circular flanges, circular weld pads, visual flow indicators, sanitary clamp connections larger than 3”, and circular threaded assemblies (type MV) larger than 4”. Magnalight also offers these lamps in spotlight or floodlight configurations to provide operators the ability to match lamps to application specific requirements. The EXPSG-LVLED-10W is an excellent lighting solution for specific area lighting such as instruments, control panels, valve manifolds and walkways, and is UL 1571 approved for wet locations, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor industrial locations where explosion proof approval and a weather resistant compact fixture is needed.

 “This EXPSG-LVLED-10W light has a small form factor that makes it ideal for use in small spaces within hazardous locations,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’ “This LED light provides a longer life and higher output then halogen lights.”

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