AIHAThe American Industrial Hygiene Association® (AIHA) has released a white paper titled “Perspective on the Role of OSHA in Advancing Occupational Safety and Health for the Nation”, which highlights the emerging roles and issues facing OSHA.

The central mission of OSHA is the protection of the nation’s workers and their families. However, work conditions and challenges facing the nation’s work force have not remained static. Since the creation of OSHA in 1970, the nation has experienced major developments in technology, information systems, manufacturing processes, and biomedical science. The growth of federal and state agencies has resulted in some instances of competing occupational and environmental safety and health (OESH) roles and requirements. In addition, there is a growing recognition of the importance of management systems and business sustainability models. Global business transactions demand conformance with varying OESH requirements spanning several continents and many cultures. Additionally, expanding litigation builds upon the challenges.

The white paper addresses OSHA’s current approach and opportunities for improved effectiveness in key areas enumerated in the agency’s strategic plan and the 2011–2016 Strategic Plan of the Department of Labor (DOL). While AIHA believes in the mission of OSHA as originally envisioned, it recognizes the need for adaptations built upon OSHA’s history of successful programs and processes. The white paper provides AIHA’s position on the future roles and responsibilities of OSHA as well as policy recommendations designed to meet those challenges.

To read the full text of this AIHA position statement and white paper, go to For more information on AIHA Government Affairs, please contact Aaron Trippler at or (703)846-0730.