TECGENAshburn Hill Corporation launched TECGEN SELECT® in May of 2010 to meet the growing demand for lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking flame resistant clothing. The company is pleased to announce rapid growth and increased market share as it has surpassed the two-year anniversary of the products launch into the flame retardant clothing market.

"Our model of growing distribution channels by providing expert training and exceptional customer service has been key to our growth..." says David Osbon, Global Director of Sales. "...furthermore, our protective clothing line provides a tangible benefit to the wearer - exceptional comfort through lightweight, moisture-wicking fabrics," adds Osbon.

Long thought to be perceived as bulky, hot, and heavy clothing to wear, flame-resistant (FR) clothing is required by many employers in the electric utility, oil and gas, and manufacturing industries. TECGEN SELECT® currently offers the lightest-weight fabric on the market (5.5 ounces per square yard) to exceed the safety clothing standards set forth by NFPA 70E HRC2 and NFPA 2112. Therefore, this single protective fabric can meet the safety requirements for each of the previously mentioned industries.

The fabric utilizes a patented fiber, TECGEN®, which provides a high level of flame resistance to electric arc flashes, flash fire, thermal heat, and molten steel. Ashburn Hill Corporation manufactures the TECGEN® fiber in Angleton, TX. Yarn spinning, weaving, and dying operations are located in North and South Carolina, making TECGEN SELECT® brand fabric 100% U.S.A. made. In October of 2010, OH&S Magazine took note and named TECGEN SELECT® "New Product of The Year" within its product category.

In early 2011, TECGEN SELECT® doubled its sales and marketing team and tripled the size of its customer service staff. Since December of 2011, the company has also launched a new website, established social media presence, and began offering a large selection of product videos to educate end-users and distributors alike. TECGEN SELECT® has also continued its efforts to support national and regional trade shows by exhibiting at many such events around the U.S.

Ashburn Hill Corporation is based in Greenville, SC and the brand website is www.tecgenselect.com.

About Ashburn Hill Corp.:

TECGEN SELECT® brand garments are inherently flame resistant and designed to improve worker safety, morale, and productivity. By integrating the revolutionary, patented TECGEN® fiber, TECGEN SELECT® garments are lightweight, breathable, and feature fast moisture-wicking technology. Launched in May 2010, TECGEN SELECT® is preferred 2:1 in over 100 wear trials nationwide.