Aramax and Aramax XT gloves and sleevesMagid Glove & Safety is proud to announce the launch today of its new CutMaster® Aramax™ and Aramax™ XT Series of cut resistant sleeves and gloves. Machine knit to exacting standards from state-of-the-art cut and abrasion-resistant Aramax and Aramax XT Yarns, these gloves and sleeves provide maximum hand and arm protection for workers engaged in glass and metal handling, metal parts assembly and even the most arduous metal stamping operations. For buyers, the CutMaster Aramax and Aramax XT Line’s advantage extends beyond cost savings, providing up to ANSI Cut Level 5 protection at a lower price than gloves and sleeves made with heavier cut resistant yarns and constructions offering significantly less cut protection.

While CutMaster Aramax and Aramax XT Gloves and Sleeves lead the pack in terms of cut protection and value, they also offer an enhanced level of comfort – a quality not common with many of the bulkier cut-resistant gloves and sleeves on the market today. Soft, flexible Aramax and Aramax XT Yarns efficiently wick moisture and heat away from the skin, ensuring a high level of comfort even over long stretches of wear. The extreme cut protection of CutMaster Aramax and CutMaster Aramax XT gloves also allows customers to utilize a lighter-weight glove where they might not have been able to before. With the excellent comfort and dexterity a lighter weight construction delivers, CutMaster Aramax and Aramax XT Gloves and Sleeves not only enhance worker satisfaction but also increase compliance, reducing the chance they will be removed in hot and muggy conditions.

“Magid CutMaster Aramax and Aramax XT Gloves and Sleeves were conceived, designed and manufactured with the particularly demanding requirements of today’s metal workers in mind,” said Andres Maldonado, Director of Marketing, Magid Glove & Safety. “We couldn’t be happier with the results - not only have our new CutMaster Aramax Gloves and Sleeves held up better and offered more protection than the existing styles currently in use, but they have been well received by both front-line workers for their superior comfort and safety buyers for their tremendous overall value.”

The CutMaster Aramax and Aramax XT lines both use a slightly different formulation of yarn, each offering its own strengths. Aramax Yarn is spun from a combination of high performance polyethylene (HPPE), fiberglass and

synthetic fibers. Consisting of seamless, machine knit styles from lightweight to heavyweight, CutMaster Aramax Gloves and Sleeves possess ANSI Cut Level 3 and ANSI Cut Level 4 ratings with excellent abrasion resistance that combine to make these styles the ideal protection for applications requiring the handling of objects with sharp and jagged edges such as glass and metal. Moreover, CutMaster Aramax Gloves and Sleeves provide maximum value thanks to their black color, which hides dirt and grime extending the service life of the glove.

Taking protection up a notch, CutMaster Aramax XT Gloves and Sleeves are constructed using Aramax XT Yarn, a performance-driven blend of high performance polyethylene (HPPE), fiberglass, synthetic fibers and, in select cases, steel wire to offer up to two times greater cut protection and up to two-and-a-half times greater abrasion resistance than yarns of a similar weight made from 100% para-aramid. With high ANSI Cut Level 4 and ANSI Cut Level 5 ratings, CutMaster Aramax XT Gloves and Sleeves deliver the added level of protection required for metal assembly and metal stamping applications. CutMaster Aramax XT Gloves and Sleeves are a distinctive yellow/green color and have excellent durability that helps them hold up well on the job and in the wash.

CutMaster Aramax and Aramax XT gloves come in sizes 6-11, with a reinforced thumb crotch available in certain styles for added wear and are packaged 12 pair per polybag. Sold by the unit, CutMaster Aramax and Aramax XT sleeves come in lengths from 14” to 24”, with a fit-enhancing thumb slot and fire-resistant options available. Proudly made in the U.S.A. in Magid’s Chicago-based manufacturing facility, all new CutMaster Aramax Series styles are in stock for immediate shipment, with added discounts available for quantity purchases.

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