OSHA has signed an alliance agreement with CareerSafe to provide youth, aged 16-24, educators, and administrators with information and resources on the most common hazards encountered by new workers.

During the two-year alliance, participants plan to work together to promote safety and health awareness among youth in career and technical education programs regarding workplace hazards, particularly in construction, agriculture, and healthcare; facilitate discussions on occupational safety and health training for youth and entry-level workers; and engage youth in OSHA initiatives related to falls, and safety and health programs.

Formed in 2003, CareerSafe provides interactive, online workplace safety training to youth primarily through high school career and technical education programs.

2x+ the injury rate of older workers

Young workers have high rates of job-related injury, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). In 2014, the rate of work-related injuries treated in emergency departments for workers, ages 15–19, was 2.18 times greater than the rate for workers 25 years of age and older.1 In 2015, there were 24 deaths to workers under 18 years of age.2

NIOSH notes that the following contribute to high accident rates among young workers:

  • hazards present in the places they typically work, such as sharp knives and slippery floors in restaurants
  • limited or no prior work experience
  • a lack of safety training
  • a lack of strength or cognitive ability needed to perform certain job duties

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