Product InnovationsThere are performance leather gloves, and then there is the Youngstown® FR Waterproof Leather lined with Kevlar® glove which boasts the ultimate in protection and functionality for industrial, electrical and gas utility workers. Winterized, waterproof, flame-resistant and cut-resistant, the glove also combines arc flash protection, all with unmatched comfort and durability.

Let’s face it – your hands are your job. An accident to your hands would be more than detrimental. What’s more, your job is dangerous, more dangerous than most.  Vulnerable to everything from sharp wire and tools to burns, safety has to be job number one. The Youngstown FR Waterproof Leather lined with Kevlar® glove is armed with a number of defenses against the elements – and, accidents. To start, it is flame resistant to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) D-6413 and F2302 levels, which means the glove has been tested under an open flame without igniting, melting or dripping. 

It’s a fact, FR protection can increase the chances of survival during an arc blast incident.  Notably, the Youngstown FR Waterproof Leather lined with Kevlar® glove is arc-rated to 51 cal/cm2 giving it a level 4 Hazard Risk Category (HRC). Completely waterproof and windproof, the glove keeps your hands dry and warm, allowing you to work more efficiently and in comfort.

Kevlar® – the same material U.S. military and S.W.A.T. teams across the nation use for personal armor – lines the entire glove to protect hands from cuts, scrapes and other abrasions. The 100 percent Kevlar® fiber liner, which also enhances the glove’s flame resistance, meets the ISEA 105-2005 standard for cut-resistance and garners an impressive ANSI level 2 cut resistant rate. This is five times more cut resistant than unlined leather.

Perhaps most importantly, all of this protection has been built into a field-tested ergonomic, 3D form-fit pattern that allows for superior dexterity, comfort and durability.  In fact, a dexterous glove is a safe glove, allowing for a better grip, control, comfort and efficiency. Soft 100 percent goatskin gives powerline technicians a tight grip when they need it most, even in wet conditions. An extra-wide pattern designed to lessen hand fatigue allows workers to climb and grasp tools for extended periods of time.

The Youngstown FR Waterproof Leather lined with Kevlar® glove is available in sizes Small through XX large.

Youngstown Glove Company manufactures the world’s most durable performance work gloves. Founded in 2002, the company has been unwavering in their commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. Offering more than 30 performance work glove styles available in sizes small through XX large, the company strives to exceed the demanding needs of professional workers. Every Youngstown style developed endures extensive testing – both in the laboratory and in the field – prior to being slipped onto customer hands. Thorough testing, proven patterns, innovative materials and meticulous quality control are all hallmarks of a company with a simple goal: to design the best working gloves you’ve ever owned.

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