Gorbel will display three different Tether Track™ rigid rail fall arrest systems at the 2012 National Safety Council (NSC) Congress and Expo in Orlando, Oct. 22-24, 2012. The systems on display at booth #219 include a freestanding fold away system, a freestanding bridge system and a dual track monorail.

“Gorbel’s presence at NSC demonstrates the versatility and range of Tether Track™ rigid rail fall arrest systems currently available,” said Jeff McNeil, Gorbel’s marketing manager. “All Tether Track™ systems provide exceptional levels of safety and address a variety of applications and environments.”

The Tether Track™ Fall Arrest Systems that Gorbel is demonstrating at NSC include:

A Fold-Away system that can be deployed as needed and then folded away when finished, maintaining productivity without compromising safety. Fold-away systems are the perfect solution for work cells requiring access to overhead cranes, when floor space is limited or when infrequent fall protection is necessary. The system can accommodate single or multiple workers, as it features a dual bypassing track which allows workers to safely pass each other without disconnecting.

A Tether Track Bridge System consisting of two runways and a traveling bridge for maximum coverage within a rectangular work area. The system’s lightweight aluminum bridge follows the worker directly overhead to ensure the optimal level of safety.   The system is available in ceiling mounted or free standing designs.

A dual track monorail designed to accommodate multiple workers, utilizing dual bypassing track that allows workers to maneuver around each other without disconnecting.