Summit Training SourceSummit Training Source is pleased to announce the production of NEW Valley Video programs available in DVD and Streaming Video to enhance your training, including:

  • Skid Steer Loaders
  • Telescopic Forklift
  • Electrical Safety NFPA
  • GHS: Globally Harmonized System
  • Workforce Hazard Recognition: Identify and Eliminate
  • COMING SOON: Holiday Safety

With over 80 titles in the Valley Video library, Summit Valley Videos offer an inexpensive way to quickly provide fundamental safety training on key concepts within a broader topic. Based on some of Summit's full-length titles, these expertly produced, highly effective five to seven minute videos provide you with a convenient way to showcase specific training areas where summary, repetition, and reinforcement is required. Summit Valley Videos can be used to:

  • Open safety training meetings
  • Launch safety campaigns
  • Remind workers of specific hazards
  • Refresh vital safety techniques
  • On-the-job toolbox training


Summit's Valley Video productions are created from the highest quality, most effective video training programs produced in the marketplace.  Filmed on location, in real working situations using real workers, Summit programs are more effective because workers can relate to the real situations presented in the video.  Train your employees on compliance issues, increase awareness of safety hazards, and help them to understand the consequences of unsafe behavior.